Monday, 15 September 2014


Settled weather conditions kept the lakes busy at Town Parks Fishery this week.
Both Specimen and Match lakes continued to produce great sport!

The Match Lake saw anglers banking Carp and Silvers although the fish went on and off the feed and changes of bait types was required to keep the fish interested.

Two lucky juniors fished from peg 19 and peg 3 with small 4 foot “starter rods” and both connected and banked Carp of 3lbs and 8lbs!

Rod Metcalfe found fish feeding later in the day from pegs along the dam wall banking Carp to double figures on most visits. Metcalfe found most of the larger fish feeding the margins as the light was fading!

Tim Slim had a good day from peg 16 taking a very large bag of Skimmers on the pole around the 8 metre mark!

With warm temperatures expected to continue the fishing should remain very good especially for Silvers.

On the Specimen Lake the fish fed well at most times of the day with Catfish and Carp coming to the bank during daylight and night time.

Martin Parkes banked a beautiful personal best Common of 24lbs 8oz which took his Source boilie from the margins of peg 12.

Meanwhile on peg 6 Dean Moray fished towards the island and connected with a good Mirror which hit the scales at 23lbs 7oz! The fish had taken a golf ball sized hot and spicy meatball intended to tempt the Catfish!

Cornwall rod Gary Newell tested his new homemade banana and coconut boilies from peg 15 which worked to great effect. Newel was overjoyed after banking a Common and Mirror Carp, the best 24lbs 5oz!

Fishing partner George Stead also had a fantastic session taking his first ever Carp, a Mirror of 20lbs 6oz! Luckily he had used some of Newell’s boilies!

Cornwall rod George Stead banked his first ever Carp from peg 14 on the Specimen Lake at Town Parks Fishery taking this beautiful Mirror Carp of 20lbs 6oz! Stead fished a Banana and coconut homemade boilie!

Catfish continued to come to the bank although not in the numbers seen recently due the rise in water temperature due to the warm weather. Cats to 36lbs 4oz were reported taking luncheon meat from most pegs!

The current warm weather is very good news for all the anglers targeting Catfish in the coming weeks as the water temperature should remain above the single figure mark which signals the start of hibernation!

Monday, 8 September 2014

Town Parks Fishery Catch Report w/e 8/9

Catfish started to feed up ready for the Winter months at Town Parks Fishery this week.

Plenty of Catfish, too many to list individually, came to the bank with 7 fish over 30lbs being taken in one 24 hour period!!

Saltash junior Corey Snell had a great session from peg 3 at Town Parks Fishery when he fought and landed his very first Catfish. The fish fell to luncheon meat and weighed 20lbs 1oz!!

Visitor Steve Ball had a great session from peg 11 banking Cats of 35lbs 3oz and 21lbs 2oz complimented by a brace of Common Carp to 18lbs 8oz! Halibut pellet tipped with pop up sweetcorn proving effective.

On the adjoining peg Will Battersby also did well taking is first Catfish along with 3 more, 25lbs 1oz, 21lbs 4oz, 21lbs 6oz and 17lbs 8oz! Crab and mussel boilies intended for Carp proved irresistible.

Local rod Andrew Dack fished from peg 9 and banked 2 cats of 33lbs 3oz and 30lbs 9oz!
Saltash junior Corey Snell enjoyed the battle bringing his first Catfish to the bank which tipped the scales at a fantastic 20lbs 1oz! Bait - Luncheon meat offered towards the central bar.

Town Parks Fishery regular Brian Leamy visited peg 12 and continued his recent run of fish banking this fine Catfish, one of 3, and a good Ghost Carp of 16lbs 3oz!

Brian Leamy visited peg 1 and fished halibut pellet in the margins around the willow tree.
Leamy’s bait was soon taken and a fine Cat of 30lbs dead was on the mat! Leamy also took 2 more Cats of 21lbs and 18lbs as well as a nice Ghost Carp of 16lbs 3oz.

Little Charlie Annan fished the Specimen Lake at Town Parks Fishery with dad Karl.
Charlie was overjoyed to catch his first Catfish although it wasn't the biggest fish in the lake!

One unnamed angler from Birmingham fished from peg 12 intending to bank his first Catfish.
He was overjoyed by the end of his session when he had banked no less than 10 Cats!

The top Match Lake also fished well albeit a little more sporadically after the colder nights.

Lee Hunt took a large bag of Carp from peg 10 offering pellet up in the water.

Once again Rod Metcalfe had some cracking sessions from various pegs finding the fish in the margins later in the day. Luncheon Meat and pellet offered very close in resulted in bags to the 100lbs mark on most visits!

Monday, 1 September 2014

Town Parks Fishery Catch Report w/e 31/8

The fish continued to feed heavily at Town Parks Fishery this week. The Specimen Lake in particular saw angers enjoying frantic sport as the fish took baits freely.

Town Parks Fishery regular Christian Scales fished a session from peg 9 on the Specimen Lake and banked six fish including this fine Mirror Carp taken with a Cell boilie.

Matt Feakes fished from peg 11 and was soon into the fish. Feakes netted 4 fish including a Cat of 25lbs 3oz which was one of his biggest catches!

Fishing alongside Feakes was friend Shayne Parkes who was targeting Catfish having never caught one! Parkes was not disappointed after he banked no less than 8 Cats to high teens which had seized his Cell boillies!

Visitor Craig Matthews fished a 24hr session from peg 15 and netted 10 catfish and carp overnight losing another 3 at the net! Banoffee boilies tipped with sweetcorn and offered towards the central bar accounted for most of the fish, the best a fine Ghost Carp of 23lbs 6oz!

Local rod Mitchell Steer fished overnight for peg 2 at Town Parks Fishery taking this fine Ghost Carp, one of a brace which fell for a Cell boilie!

Mitchell Steer had a good session from peg 2 banking a couple of good Carp, including a beautiful Ghostie and also losing a large Cat at the net.

Christian Scales fished from peg 9 on the Specimen Lake at Town Parks Fishery and banked this Catfish of 23lbs 7oz amongst a haul of 6 fish!

Regular Christian Scales had fun from peg 9 taking 3 Carp and 3 Catfish on Cell boilies.
Scales best Cat was 23lbs 7oz!

 Meanwhile the top Match Lake provided good sport from most pegs. Plenty of Carp were reported taking various baits including pellet and luncheon meat.

Bags to the 200lbs mark have been reported from the dam wall as the fish move into the margins later in the day.

Many regulars have also reported large bags of Silvers which are taking maggot at most depths and from most pegs!

Reg Hill fished with grandson Charlie and amongst great excitement Charlie hooked and landed his very first Carp!

Reg Hill fished with grandson Charlie on the Match Lake at Town Parks Fishery and amongst great excitement Charlie hooked and banked his very 1st Carp!

Monday, 25 August 2014

Town Parks Fishery Catch Report w/e 24/8

With dropping temperatures the fish began a massive feed up ready for the Winter months at Town Parks Fishery this week. The Specimen Lake in particular saw anglers taking plenty of fish without a single one leaving without a catch! Catfish fed throughout both night and daytime with “firsts” and personal best’s commonplace!

Darren Lord Fished Overnight From Peg 14 At Town Parks Fishery And Took Several Fish Including This Beautiful Common Carp Of 24LBS 1OZ!

Visitor Simon Merrell banked a fine 33lbs 1oz specimen, his first, from peg 5 although the fish had already taken an anglers bait and was hooked from peg 10! The fish had seized another bait despite being hooked and after an extended battle it was on the bank! Merrells homemade boilies proving irresistible, he also banked 2 Carp.

Fishing partner Paul “Reedy” Reed also enjoyed great sport taking four Carp and losing another 3! All Reeds fish fell to Cell boilies offered from peg 4.

Brian Leamy continued his recent run of fish by taking his first Cat hitting the scales at a fine 26lbs 8oz! Halibut pellet offered from peg 12 did the trick!

Peg 12 At Town Parks Fishery Proved Lucky For Brian Leamy Who Took His First Catfish Which Tipped The Scales At 26LBS 8OZ!

Day angler Tim Sinclare fished from peg 14 and was not disappointed when his alarms screamed off when his Kipper boilie was taken by a Catfish of 27lbs 1oz!

On peg 2 Abi Fielding fished for her personal best cat but had to settle with a fine Mirror Carp in the high teens!

Town Parks Fishery Regular Abi Fielding Targeted Her Favourite Catfish When She Fished From Peg 2. Abi Had A Surprise When Her Bait Was Taken By This Personal Best Mirror Carp.

Plymouth rod Den Assall celebrated his best session on the lakes taking 5 Carp from peg 8.

Plymouth Rod Den Assall Fished From Peg 7 On The Specimen Lake At Town Parks Fishery And Had His Best Session To Date! 5 Carp Came To The Bank Including This Fine Condition Mirror!

Tom Purdy, also from Plymouth fished Peg 6 and banked 5 fish, 2 Carp and 3 Cats to 21lbs!
Purdys fishing partner Paddy McKay chose peg 16 and also had a great first session at the lakes taking 5 Carp on Cell boilies!

On the top Match Lake sport was also good with Carp feeding well especially in the margins.
Anglers fishing coarse pellet took the bigger bags although luncheon meat and corn also worked well at times.

A couple of larger Carp were reported with one angler connecting with one of 22lbs!

Silvers continued to take maggot up in the water although some were taken a little deeper after the colder nights!

Monday, 18 August 2014

Town Parks Fishery Catch Report w/e 17/8

Catfish and Carp were on the feed at Town Parks Fishery as the temperatures dropped this week. Plenty of fish came to the bank after taking various baits from most pegs! Ten Cat’s over 30lbs were reported this week!

A superb Catfish of 39lbs 10oz was reported by an unnamed angler who fished from peg 15 and offered a Cell boilie in the margins.

Regular Conor Netherton fished from peg 14 and netted three good Carp but also lost another three as the fish pulled free at the net.

Local rod Colin Mace enjoyed a couple of overnighters from pegs 5 and 3 and took fish on both occasions! Peg 5 provided sport with plenty of runs and a fine Linear Carp on the mat in superb condition. Meanwhile, peg 3 saw Mace bank a lovely Mirror of 26lbs 8oz!.

Regular Simon Hern celebrated his first Catfish of 26lbs 8oz which fell to a Cell boilie offered from peg 12. Hern has recently had a great run of fish from both Lakes but the Catfish was his personal best!!

The top Match Lake also saw anglers enjoying frantic sport with Carp and Silvers feeding freely.

Rod Metcalfe continued his recent run of fish taking bags to the 90lbs mark!

Carp tended to stay out in mid water during the day taking pellet, luncheon meat and corn but as the sun dropped they moved to the margins where many anglers fishing “twilight” tickets took fish after fish!

Silvers continued to fall for maggot and castor.

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Monday, 11 August 2014

Town Parks Fishery Catch Report w/e 10/7

Unsettled weather kept the fish on the feed at Town Parks Fishery this week.

The Specimen Lake produced great sport with Carp and Catfish taking various baits.

Plymouth rod Gary Mills had plenty of action from peg 5 culminating with a beautiful Ghost Carp of 22lbs 4oz! An M25 boilie fished towards the central bar proving irresistible.

Plymouth rod and Town Parks Fishery regular Gary Mills continued his recent run of fish banking this superb condition Ghost Carp. The fish fell to a boilie offered from peg 5.

Town Parks regular Andy Handshaw fished from the same peg the previous night and connected with a good Cat which had taken his Cell boilie. The fish hit the scales at 24lbs 3oz!

Bryn Mudie banked his personal best Catfish from peg 15 which weighed 20lbs 6oz and fell to a chunk of Pepperami.

Fishing partner Harry Buckmaster also netted his personal best Cat of 19lbs 1oz which fell to the same bait.
The third member of the party, John Hooker enjoyed his session taking two Carp, both PB’s to 15lbs 2oz

Steve Symons fished on the surface in front of 10 and took a brace of Carp to 18lbs 2oz on biscuit!

On the Match Lake Mitchell Steer fished 48 hours from peg 1 and banked 42 Carp all of which fell to small boilies. Best of the bunch a fine Ghostie of 12lbs 8oz.

Multiple catches of Carp were reported from several pegs with pellet, small boilies or corn proving effective.

Silvers continued to feed throughout the week with bags continuing around the 100lbs mark!

A couple of Tench were banked best around the 6lbs mark from peg 8. 

Monday, 4 August 2014

Catch Report w/e 3/8

With slightly lower temperatures, good catches were reported from both lakes at Town Parks Fishery this week. Before the cooler weather came in the air temperature was recorded at 33 degrees and the water temp was 23.7 degrees both all time highs!

The Specimen Lake produced some excellent sport with the Catfish providing fast and furious takes from most pegs. Many of the anglers connecting with the Cats found themselves snapped off after takes or facing extended battles trying to stop the fish running around snags!

On peg 9 local rod Alex Lowe managed to net three Catfish and two Carp all of which fell to his Cell boilies offered mid water. Best Cat of the bunch a fine 24lbs 8oz and biggest Carp at 20lbs 3oz!

Local rod Alex Lowe had a great session fro​m peg 9 at Town Parks Fishery banking five fish to 24lbs 8oz. This Catfish fell to a Cell boilie offered mid water.

Paignton rod Andy Handshaw enjoyed a session from peg 6 which has been fishing well recently and was not disappointed when his Peaches and Cream boilies were taken by three Carp including a nice Common of 19lbs 8oz!

Regular Nick Solomon followed Handshaw into 6 and, at the time of writing had banked three fish, two Carp and a Cat all high doubles!

Some nice Carp came to the net from various pegs, too many to list individually, mainly taking sweet flavoured boilies!

The Match Lake is fishing much better now the temperature has dropped back.  Carp freely took pellet or meat offered in the middle of the lake during the day but preferred to take the same baits offered in the margins as the sun dropped! Regular anglers reported bags up to 150lbs on the better days.

Silvers continued to feed throughout the day taking maggot and castor.

A few nice Crucian Carp have come to the bank, Perry Northeast taking a nice one from peg 15!

The fully stocked onsite shop is open every day to all anglers with fresh supplies of maggot, castor, worm always available!